The patchwork bedcover -progress

So I have now finished my first ever patchwork and quilted item. Since my previous post I have swapped out the two offending adjacent pickle jar items as I knew they would get progressively more annoying.

I also found some 3mm organic bamboo/cotton batting at a local shop which doesn’t even sell dressmaking fabric !


Armed with the batting I set about tacking it to the patchwork top as per the instructions in my little book….this was absolutely backbreaking work as it took me 5 1/2 hours crawling around on the floor to achieve and I had to do it all in one go as it took up the whole floor and there is a limit to the family’s patience being required to tiptoe around the edge of it.

IMG_7332                                               IMG_7331


I purchased some 250 cm wide red 100% cotton sheeting from eBay for the backing and quite coincidentally came upon a giant wooden reel of vintage red ’embroidery’ thread at a local village fair which is really thick and which I thought would be perfect for the quilting and finishing thread for the project.


Once more back to the floor to pin the backing onto the batting/patchwork and then to the sewing machine.

I attached the quilting table that came with my sewing machine and which has never been used and got going. I really needed the large flat sewing surface that this provided. As the squares for this project are so big it was a relatively straightforward if time consuming  task sew the three layers together.


Then came attaching the edging and learning the air of the mitred corner both of which are also made with the same scraps as I have used for the patchwork top and LO ! I have a bedcover.


I am so pleased with it although having seen some properly made quilts exhibited at the village fair where I purchased the thread I realise it is a very amateur effort. Nonetheless I am still thrilled to bits with it.




The patchwork bedcover -progress

The Marilla Walker Roberts jumpsuit.

“Ooh” I say to my daughter, “I’ve seen this really nice dungarees pattern, would you be a recipient if I were to make them”?

“Yes” she said, “can I see the pattern” ? So I sent her the link to Marilla Walker and asked her to look at the Roberts pattern.

This was the response I got

I would very much like this!
do i get to make decisions about it, or are you going to make what you want to make?”

I replied “You can input”

very thanks
well i like the top style best where it’s basically a whole jumpsuit
and i think i’d prefer it if it had a low-ish round neckline and no sleeves”12887349_10156680772840486_945903179_o

“Ok! And if im actually going to wear it these are my criteria: I can sit and kneel and curl into a ball comfortably without it being too tight on my shoulders
I have to be able to comfortably move my legs in any direction
Which is rare even in shop dungarees”

HA flipping HA !

So I rifled through my old patterns from the 1980’s which is when I was about the same size as daughter is now and came across this which incredibly fitted pretty seamlessly onto the Roberts jumpsuit bottoms.


I ordered the paper pattern as I thought it would be easier than the PDF for such a big garment and sat back to wait for the postman. Unfortunately the pattern was one of two items where delivery was ‘attempted’ during the only 5 minutes in the day where I had popped out to hang up the washing so I had to go to the post office the next day to collect. EXCEPT…when I got there they had my fabric parcel but they had lost the pattern ! I was not impressed, not at all…I think they got the message because a Post Office employee turned up at our front door at 6.30pm with the missing pattern and many apologies….

So a day wasted and I was eager to crack on with my project, too eager..because the first mistake I made was to do the first lap felled seams in opposite directionsIMG_3551

I knew this would really annoy me if I carried on so had to unpick, but due to having trimmed the seam the pattern piece was now too small so I had to cut another one. I merrily carried on through steps 1,2 and 3 and then pinned the resulting ‘back’ onto my mannequin when I was horrified to see that I had made a really major error (MORE HASTE, LESS SPEED)


That ‘V’ is supposed to be the other way round, pointing upwards. SO…more unpicking and reconstructing but on a large scale which took me nearly 2 hours !!


Once I had got this bit right the garment started coming together nicely. Due to having changed the construction of the top I had to make some armhole bindingsIMG_3558I bought these two bias tapes but didn’t really like either of them so in the end I made my own from scraps from a dress that I had made for the same daughter previously which I was much happier with. I used this same fabric for the pocket lining and the neck, button and buttonhole facings as well as the hem .IMG_3565        IMG_3560

With the intended recipient being 150 miles away, daughter 3 had to be the initial model although being 5 inches taller and a dress size larger the fit is a bit snugger than it should be but I was pleased with the initial impression.



Daughter 1 for whom the garment was made came home today and this is how it looks on her

IMG_3595          IMG_3596    IMG_3602


Apart from my initial incompetence I am really pleased with how this project turned out, I haven’t ‘bodged’ any of the elements and daughter says “10/10 top quality garment”

Can’t say fairer than that….



The Marilla Walker Roberts jumpsuit.