The Merchant and Mills Factory dress hack

Just going through my scrap basket and I found this, a bodice I had made for an amended Merchant and Mills factory dress top for my daughter. She liked the dress pattern but not the collar so I amended the original to this collarless v-necked version which I made from an upholstery fabric she had selected from Scandinavian Design Centre. Unfortunately she hated this version too so I ended up making a boat necked bodice, taking it up to Bristol, removing this bodice and dropping in the boat necked one. Fortunately she loved the amended version and she has, quite literally, worn it to bits. I am still impressed by the pattern matching effort I went to, especially on the pocket !


Anyway I have just made her a new one to the boat necked design that has been such a success. This time in a plain double gauze from Miss Matatabai

It’s not quite as wrinkly in real life. Let’s hope she likes it….

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