Vogue 8689


I’d really like to able to sew properly (to date I have just been following pattern instructions and learning from books and youtube) so have been looking into doing some classes. I found a shirt making course near me over a weekend which I thought would be ideal until I looked at the price, £340.00 non residential PLUS materials. I thought that was rather a lot and would result in by far the most expensive shirt I have ever or would ever own. So I thought I would dedicate this weekend to really trying hard to make a proper shirt with buttons and a collar and some design detail.

I came across V8689 which has the above plus flat fell seams, lots of topstitching and custom fit options.

It looked quite complicated so I bought a relatively inexpensive patterned cotton from Fabricland in Bristol in case it all went horribly wrong.

So many pattern pieces !! Just the front has 8 pieces with 5 more for the back and that doesn’t include the collar.

I tried really hard to follow the instructions to the letter and not read ahead which is a great fault of mine and I was quite satisfied that I had done the best I could do at the end of the first afternoon. I then put the garment on my dress form and burst into hysterical laughter….


I had used the flat fell seam from the front yoke as the centre point for the sleeve insertion rather than the shoulder seam….silly me !

So this morning’s first task was unpicking and redoing.

Th rest of the shirt came together well and I was especially pleased with the exact matching I got at the bottoms of the front bands.


The shirt fits nicely and the only real regret I have is in the fabric choice which is far to busy to show off the panelling detail in the front and back.

I will definitely make this again but in a plainer fabric.

Vogue 8689

Marilla Walker Roberts pattern: take 2

So, having done a hack version of this Marilla Walker pattern for my daughter I decided I would like to make the Roberts jumpsuit again unhacked for myself as a summer ‘garden garment’. I  love this cotton lawn from Miss Matatabi it has all my favourite colours without being too girly (I’m not a girly person ).


I understood the construction much better from my first attempt although the flat fell seams were disastrous in this lighter fabric to begin with. I have a flat fell machine foot but this light lawn just kept unravelling itself out of the fold so in the end I resorted to folding the flat fell seams by hand which worked much better.


I am looking forward to some properly hot weather to wear this in earnest !

Marilla Walker Roberts pattern: take 2

Kiomi Dress

Daughter no1 and I were trawling through Etsy last weekend and discussing the similarities in style between Japanese and Swedish design when we came across the Japanese fabric site Miss Matatabi, there were so many items that we liked on there but daughter really loved this Japanese Jar Salads Fabric and asked if I could make the Kiomi dress from Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style with it. I was a bit dubious about ordering fabric all the way from Japan but decided to give it a try as there were so many things on the site that liked. Delivery was up to 14 days so I was prepared to wait but my parcel turned up on Friday, just 5 days later.

On opening the parcel I could hardly bear to open up the fabric as it was so beautifully packaged !

IMG_3666        IMG_3668

It went straight in the washing machine and was ready for cutting this morning.

The pattern looked straightforward enough but after having done the neck binding it became obvious that no one except a small child would be able to fit their head through the neck hole so I had to take off my carefully made and applied bias tape to make the head hole larger by 3 whole inches ! Having been warned by this experience I doubled checked the armholes before adding the binding and found that a similar adjustment needed to be made.

On the plus side I liked the method of applying the neck binding which resulted in a really neat finish.


I don’t think that the picture of the dress in the book is entirely accurate though as the neck binding pattern doesn’t give nearly as wide a neck binding as that illustrated. I don’t think it matters for this particular garment but if I was making it again in a plain fabric I would make the neck binding wider.


I am pleased with the final garment and hope daughter will be too.

IMG_3685        IMG_3689.

I couldn’t bear to throw away the lovely fabric scraps used in the packaging so used them to make some hair scrunchies.


All in all a satisfactory days sewing.


Kiomi Dress