Pauline Alice Xeria dress

IMG_3706IMG_3311 2This is my Xeria dress from Pauline Alice. The fabric is a linen viscose mix from Fabric Godmother  which has a good bit of stretch. The fabric shrinks quite a lot so washing before use is essential. One thing I loved about the dressmaking pattern was the appearance of the pocket construction, unfortunately, due to the fabric pattern it’s almost invisible !

Pauline Alice Xeria dress

3 thoughts on “Pauline Alice Xeria dress

    1. I have worn it a lot ! I have another one in silk but it needs a couple of tweaks (would probably have been better as the looser version in the lighter fabric)


      1. Hmm. Picking the right fabric for a pattern, and vice versa, is probably the trickiest part, for me anyway. For example, I made this same dress in a gorgeous Marimekko fabric, but it was so stiff that it’s really unwearable. I’ll have to refashion it somehow.


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